Thursday, February 7, 2013

GMs Workshop: Dungeon World 101

New to Dungeon World? Come learn how to play and run the Golden Geek 2012 Game of the Year - Dungeon World - A Game with Modern Rules & Old-School Style.

Based on the revolutionary Apocalypse World game engine created by Vincent Baker, Dungeon World takes the story driven game style of AW and brings it to fantasy adventures in lost dungeons and ancient kingdoms. Easy to learn, fun to play - Dungeon World is an award winning RPG blending the old a new schools of thought into a game that is stirring up the gaming world. Come find out what it is all about, learn to play and GM the game, and have a good time while doing it.
--The GM's Workshop series is always interactive. The seminar wall between presenter and participants is torn down as we explore these topics together. With the speaker acting as moderator and guide through the topics, you are sure to learn, laugh, participate, and have a great time.