Monday, September 10, 2012

The Actual Games on the Shelf

I thought for today's post I would take a look at my game shelf, absorb its glory, and then mope about at I think about all of the awesome games sitting there that I may never actually play. Ever. It's not for a lack of wanting either. When it comes to RPGs in particular, I am an absolute indiscriminate game-whore. If it doesn't involve misunderstood vampires (I have an intense burning hatred of things Vampire: the Masquerade, True Blood, and the lot -- it's not rational, and is unfounded, but I have it all the same) then I am down to play it. More than once too if its even remotely good. I do try to bust out a new one every now and again, but the lift required to get the group on board is just exhausting sometimes.

I'll start with the board games, and work my way through, adding notes on how often I've played, what I liked or didn't like about the game, and other thoughts. If you see one you want to know more about, leave a comment, and I'll dig deeper.

So now...the Games on the Shelf

The game of flying dragons and tile playing. I have to say, this is a quick game, hardly any set up and easy to explain, but the problem is, even I don't understand it. The directions are extremely confusing, and I am somewhat convinced that they are the result of a literal computer translation from Japanese to English. I'm sure that is not actually the case, but still -- it melts my brain when I try to figure out the 'right' way to play. Post comments if you have a different experience.
Its a fun, quick to play game anyways.
Plays: 4  NonGamer Accessibility: 10
BobScore: 6

Its CDC: The Home Game! But instead of being dreary and filled with statistical modelling, it is fun. A cooperative, work against the game type of boardgame, you are pitted as specialists in transport, medicine, logistics, etc in a battle to eradicate rapidly spreading diseases from the world. I've played probably about 10 times or so, and almost always enjoy it
Plays: 10   NonGamer Accessibility: 6
BobScore: 8

Wrath of Ashardalon
If D&D were a board game (Dont get me started you!) then this is what it would probably look like. That's really the best description I can give. Overall experience is rather droll for me though, because of its close connection to pencil and paper free form D&D. If you are just looking for a quick D&D style fix though and don't have a GM or anything ready to go, you might want to give this a try.
Plays: 3   NonGamer Accessibility: 3
BobScore: 5

I picked up this tongue in cheek game of world wide capitalism and financial domination. It fits my personal tastes, but might not be for everyone. I have a hard time getting people to play it with me, though I enjoy it quite a bit.
Plays: 3   NonGamer Accessibility:4
BobScore: 8

Startup Fever
A EuroStyle game of silicon valley tech startups. Its all about hiring your nerds and suits, building your products and lunching them before your competitors. Then its all about poaching employees from other companies and trying to keep your own loyal via stock options. If you have ever worked in the tech industry, you'll find this game hits pretty close to home. I really dig it. I backed in on Kickstarter, and am so glad I did.
Plays: 4   NonGamer Accessibility: 4

Smallworld - and ALL OF THE THINGS
OK, if you haven't played Smallworld, you need to stop reading and head to your FLGS (Friendly Local Gaming Store) and buy a copy, NOW. I'll wait. Ok, good, you're back. Have fun playing! This is hands down my children's favorite game. My 7 year old daughter is an evil tactical genius at it, and consistently wins. I have even gotten my mother to play it with is. Its silly, fun, colorful, and a great time.
Plays: 50+   NonGamer Accessibility: 8
BobScore: 10

Battlestar Galactica
I played a demo of this cooperative/competitive game at GenCon a few years back, and really liked it. So I bought a copy. But no one ever wants to play it with me. What the hell?
Plays: 0  NonGamer Accessibility: 5
BobScore: 8

Hunter: Deadly Prey
Bought with a gift certificate, but never played. I don't know why, it seems like it would be fun.
Plays: 0  NonGamer Accessibility: ?
BobScore: ?

I admit that I was a gushing Kickstarter fanboi over this game. I am not disappointed by what I got. The game piece are gorgeous, theres a ton of them, and gameplay is fast and furious. The rulebook however desperately needs the services of an experienced editor to reorganize and adjust content. It is a little unclear in many areas how to play and you end up flipping around a lot. Once you've got it though, the zombies get rolling.
Plays: 4  NonGamer Accessibility: 6
BobScore: 9

Dungeon Lords
A holiday present from my brother. I am very intrigued by it, but again, can never get anyone to play. Big instruction manuals scare a lot of people. For me though, a big rulebook does not mean something isn't simple or that it is necessarily hard. I want to try and play this one soon.
Plays: 0  NonGamer Accessibility: ?
BobScore: ?

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