Friday, August 31, 2012

GenCon 2010 Report Card

In starting up this Blog, which if I am realistic, I'll probably not post to very frequently, I thought I would dig through my old GenCon reviews. So heres the report card from 2010.

Event: Eclipse Phase - EP1
Grade: A
Comments: Had a great time. Good bunch of RP'ers at the table, especially the guy playing the uplifted Octopus. He had a great take on "what would a sentient octopus think about humans". The scenario was fun, and I think we were the only ones in the room, so nice and quiet for us. Yay for 8am games on Thursday. We also lucked out and ended up with a big fat whiteboard mounted on the wall in the conf room we played in. Somebody made a good luck
roll for that one. All in all had a great time. I cant recommend enough that you all check out this game. They have really put their money where there mouth is, and licened all of their product under CC: NC, SA, Attrib. You can have a look at the pdf's completely legally at the lead developer's website: If you like it, send em some cash. Its so refreshing to see something like this happening in our industry.

Event: Alpha Omega - Left for the Dead
Grade: B+
Comments: I was the GM for this one. I think the players did great, and it seemed like they all had a good time. I had a great time as well, so why would I give my own game a B+? I don't think I managed time as effectively as I could, and as a result I think I short changed the players. Not sure if they feel that way, but I'm pretty critical of myself. In the end they threw caution to the wind, making their final stand duct taping a huge bottle of ammonia and a huge  bottle of bleach together for a zombie-MOAB. I was so proud....

Event: Dawn Patrol
Type: Strategy/Board WWI Air Combat
Grade: B+
Comments:This was a learn as we go game, for most people it was their first time playing. Met a few nice people I ran into later. Fun game, fun people, fun rules. The B+ comes from one of the moderators of the game being too concerned about the finerpoints of the rules when everyone was a novice, and just trying to have a good time. The other moderator gets an A though. I will be looking to find myself a copy of this game.

Event: MERCS
Grade: A
Comments: Fun game, fun rules, good instruction from the creators of the game. Its a small futuristic military skirmish game, no measuring tapes needed, fast action packed play. If I had the time to get back into minis I would pick this up without hesitation.

Event: Malifaux
Type: Minis
Grade: B+
Comments: Amazing miniatures, intriguing gameplay. The person teaching the demo needs to work on their demo kung fu a bit, we spent too much time going over minutia rather than game playing. I only had the 1 hour slot it was scheduled for, and we really didnt get the first turn rolling until 45 minutes in. Overall though, as I said with Mercs, given that this is a skirmish game, and pretty easy to learn, I would definitely recommend and get it myself if I were getting back into minis.

Event: Outbreak Undead
Type: RPG
Grade: A+
Comments: ZOINKS OH MY GOD was this fun. Our demo was run by the editor of the game. The pre gen characters were wonderfully linked to one another, and the group at the table jumped into their parts with gusto. This is how to play a GenCon game. Probably the most fun I had the whole con. Needless to say I showed my appreciation by buying their game :)

Event: Director's Cut Survival Horror - Zombie Hospital
Type: RPG
Grade: B-
Comments: This one is a tough call for me. Overall I had a lot of fun, but detracting from my grade here are two factors. First, one of the players at the table was a complete jackass. Just the kind of person you dread having to sit through a con game with. Secondly, the GM, I believe is one of the authors of the game didn't really live up to my own expectations as a fellow GM. I don't think she lacked skill, I just think she was burned out. I wish the company and her the best of luck, and hope they get some rest soon. They deserve better than what they were able to give I think. They've got a neat action point/hit point combination mechanic that works pretty well for dramatic action, like a horror movie we were playing in.

Event: Build a GM's Toolkit
Type: Seminar
Grade: A
Comments: Pat Benson is a great speaker, and always a treasure trove of good tips and tricks. This seminar was no different. I may even start visiting yard sales now because of him.

Event: XDM: Hickman's Xtreme Dungeon Mastery
Type: Seminar
Grade:  Incomplete
Comments: I really wanted to attend. I have to say this though, I don't know what they are eating over in that Anime area at the Westin but for the love of god it needs to stop. That hallway and the room the seminar was in smelled like raw diahrea. This is just inexcuseable. Take a *** bath. That is all. Mr. Hickman deserves better than to have to sit in that room, and so do the rest of us. I skipped out because of the odor.

Event: Hunter: The Reckoning
Type: RPG
Grade: C
Comments: Got kinda bored on this one. Normally I see better from the Wrecking Crew team, but the GM was missing, and the adventure we ended up playing was kind of spin together at the last minute by a replacement. I have to give an A for effort, but it was just lacking. Damn Con Crud. Not entirely the GM's fault though.

Event: TrueDungeon
Type: True Dungeon
Grade:  F-
Comments: WTF. This is the only time I have ever felt like I completed wasted my money at GenCon. It has gotten worse and worse each year, and at least to me, now seems like it is entirely about the tokens. One of the players in my group kept trying to give 'clues' (aka give away) the puzzles so we could get to the last room at full health to fight the dragon, to which she had given us the full rundown as well. And this was AFTER I asked her to not spoil the surprises. I'm pretty much done with TD. My thanks to all the volunteers who help to run the event though, you all work your asses off and deserve some praise.

Event: Call of Cthulu Card game Demo
Type: Card Game
Grade:  A
Comments: The demo guy at the FF booth did a great job explaining this game to me, and I had a great time playing. Not much esle to say. Fun, Fun, Fun. I guess the only negative would be the volume in the dealer hall where the demo took place, but what should I expect besides that?

Event: D&D Delve
Type: RPG
Grade:  Incomplete
Comments: What is with waiting in line for 2 hours to play what amounts to the McDonalds version of Role Playing? The concept is lost on me. I got in line, realized how long it was going to be, and promptly went to find something more constructive and fun to do than standing in line to play a short RPG with no story per se, in a huge loud room. No thanks. Its also worth noting that I have yet to have a positive RPGA/WoTC sponsored or run event. Not in 4 years. Are my standards too high, or am I just getting the bottom of the barrel for GM's, etc? Or is it something more sinister....

I might get around to posting pictures or other crap if anyone is interested....and if no one is, thats awesome because it will save me the effort :)


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